Unique Hand Hygiene Monitoring & Compliance System

The only patented body worn personal hand hygiene system

Sterilogy has patented a compact body worn hand hygiene compliance system that alerts the user at the appropriate time to dispense and use the hand sanitizer, and then automatically records the dispensing event into Sterilogy’s cloud allowing hospital executives or restaurant managers to see their compliance rates in real-time. This unique system will greatly increase hand hygiene compliance by healthcare professionals and restaurant workers.

Improved hand hygiene will reduce healthcare infections and food poisoning, saving lives and Billions of dollars in unnecessary costs.

Fast Facts

Hospital Associated Infections
  • …kill 247 patients every day in the U.S.
  • There are 2,000,000 additional non-fatal incidences annually
  • Over $30 billion in unnecessary cost to U.S. Hospitals
  • World Health Organization indicates that “proper hand hygiene is the primary method of prevention.”
  • WHO emphasizes, “Changing hand hygiene behavior at the Point of Care” as the proper method
Hospital Associated Infections
  • Worldwide, the need to reduce food poisoning has never been greater
  • 600 million people become ill from contamination: 1 out of 10 people every year
  • 420,000 people die every year
  • 30% of deaths are children under five years old
  • $78 billion are wasted in the U.S. alone by foodborne illnesses
  • Poor hand hygiene is now the single most cited factor in outbreak investigation
  • Food poisoning is an “Unnecessary Risk” because it is largely controllable through hand-washing

Thus, there is an urgent need for a new means of improving and documenting effective hand sanitization.

Sterilogy Has the "Solution"

The Sterilogy Advantage

  • A patented Smart hand hygiene monitoring and compliance system  Improves workflow by eliminating stops at wall dispensers.
  • The only patented compact body worn hand hygiene system, providing “Convenient Compliance”.
  • Alerts the user to sanitize in the event he or she forgets to cleanse their hands at the appropriate time such as prior to patient contact or handling food.
  • Dispensing events sent to the Cloud in real time. Each user’s compliance rate is calculated (Sterilogy Index) and presented in an easy to read dashboard display.

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