The Challenge

Deep clean a 19,000 square-foot building to provide temporary office space for the U.S. Army. The building had been vacant for approximately two years. The Army leased it to provide temporary office space for its expanded operations. The Drayton Group Inc’s (DGI’s). challenge: make the building ready for employees in just four days.

Drayton Group’s Response

DGI’s response began with clearing trash and debris from every room in the building. Next, Drayton Group’s expert crews dusted all ledges, vents, trims and window openings from the ceiling down. Then, all walls were wiped clean, and carpeting throughout the building was vacuumed, shampooed and dried within the four-day period so furniture could be moved in immediately afterward.

By far the biggest challenge was the building restrooms. Over the course of two years, all of the water in the toilet bowls had evaporated, leaving behind a heavy crust of minerals to be scrubbed from each bowl. Further, the water in the building pipes had become contaminated with sediment from lack of circulation, and even after the bowls were clean, they filled with rust-colored water.

Faced with this situation, DGI enlisted the facility’s Fire Marshall for help. Under his direction, several fire hydrants around the building were opened, enabling the water to flow and purge the sediment from the building’s` water pipes. Once the water ran clean, the restrooms were scrubbed and brought up to par with the rest of the building.

Finally, although the exterior was not included in the scope of work, DGI’s experts cleaned the main entrance of the building, wiping down windows, removing overgrown brush and loose trash and chiseling built-up rock salt from doorways.

The Result

Even though the customer was fully familiar with DGI’s capabilities and reputation, the client for this project was pleasantly surprised at the difference DGI’s crew made in just four days. Sparkling glass, gleaming porcelain, clean air and freshly shampooed carpets enabled the possibility of meeting the move-in schedule and provide its employees with healthy and productive temporary office space.